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Philippe Bonhommeau studied dance and dramatic art in professional studios in Paris. Over the last 20 years, actor and dancer, he plays for Stéphane Ly Cuong, Bernard Schmidt, Etienne Chatiliez, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Anne Fontaine, Nina Companeez, Sabine Petit and dance for David Moore, Molly Molloy,  Christiane  Turnick,  Laurence Fanon,  Bruno Collinet,  Thomas  Guerry, Roberte  Léger, Patricia Alzetta... During LA MÈRE QU'ON VOIT DANSER Lucernaire, ALI BABA Zénith, L'AIR DE PARIS Espace Pierre Cardin, ZAPPING Théâtre du Gymnase, he became the artistic collaborator of Bruno Agati  and staged with him several shows including  MIXITY La Bellevilloise.

A state-certified jazz dance teacher with a degree in theater studies, Philippe specializes in musical theatre:

ANGELS AND DEMONS Maison de la Radio, FRANKENSTEIN JUNIOR Déjazet Theater,  SHREK THE MUSICAL Casino de Paris, LE GRAND CAFÉ MAÏKOFF Théâtre 14, J'ME VOYAIS DÉJÀ Théâtre du Gymnase,  TEST THE ROCK OPERA Scala Basel...  

From major international events (Opening Ceremonies of the World Equestrian Games and the France Pavilion at the Universal Exhibition in Shanghai) to the most intimate stages (NINI Gil Galliot at the Michel Theater and PARIS COQUINES  Roland Romanelli at La Huchette), he directs many singers and actors: Sylvie Joly, Laetitia Casta, Xavier Gallais, Diane Tell, Stefi Celma, Jonathan Cerrada, Dominique Magloire, Chantal Ladesou, Nathalie Lhermitte, Lorie Pester, Grégori Baquet, Manon Landowski , Jeanne Mas, Vincent Heden, Kevin Razy, Les Lascars Gays, Les Darons, Les Franglaises…

Director and choreographer of  LA CREOLE DE TULIPATAN from Offenbach Théâtre 14,  KARAOKÉ DREAM Le Trianon, LA FILLE DU TOUBOU Espace Comedia, THE WARTHOG THEORY Théâtre de Nanterre and the music-hall revue ZIGOTO PALACE Maxim's Geneva. He co-signs the staging of the shows he choreographs with Nathalie Cerda WE ARE EXQUISITE BEINGS , Pierre-Loup Rajot  R.O.C ,  Christian le Guillochet LES PAPOTINS .  

Creator and performer between theater and dance, he is invited to develop and share his body construction workshops for characters: Companies Des Ils et des Elles. Paris; Mais Encore. Valence; Montreux-Riviera Theater; Théâtre de l'Unité. Audincourt; Longjumeau on stage, CFA Joué les Tours; Igny Atout Danse; National Institute of Music Hall. Le Mans...


A cross-disciplinary artist, he is on stage for the play À QUI LA FAUTE? ( Jacques Vidal / Flannan Obé ) at the Comédie de Paris, at Madame Arthur for the TV show THE MARVELOUS MRS MAISEL (Amy Sherman-Palladin Rachel Brosnahan), choreographs for companies creations (Ned Grujic , Hélène Boisbeau, Sophie Delmas...), #RUR2020 a new musical with handicapped artists and the last two movies of  Claude Lelouch .

Resume (PDF) 

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